The case for CBC Radio 3

I’m not a big music fan, not because I don’t like music, I just don’t have time for it.  However, I have been listening to the CBC lately.  No, not just CBC radio one, but music that is online, CBC radio 3.  It has thousands of songs, and they are all Canadian.  They have a main station, but they also give you the option of listening to a certain stream of music, depending on what you are into, ie. Pop or Hip-Hop.  You can stream it right off your iPod or computer.

According to their website,

“As a key starting point for thousands of musicians, CBC Radio 3 Music is the launch pad for today’s best-loved Canadian artists, reaching local, regional, national, and global audiences. With more than 14,000 artists and 73,000 original songs, CBC Radio 3 maintains the largest collection of independent Canadian Music in the World. From basement demos to professional recordings, from local shows to national tours, CBC Radio 3 is one of our country’s leading supporters of emerging music.”

They have some big name indie artists, such as Arcade Fire, but smaller acts as well, like Hannah Georgas.  Either way, it is worth a try.  You can become a member, save your playlists and chat with other CBC radio 3 people.  It is like Grooveshark, but with a Canadian twist, and it doesn’t have all the annoying mainstream music.


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