Posting your collages

Some of you have finished your lovely collages, so now it is time to post your work.

Before posting, you will need to save your file in Photoshop as a .jpg

With your file open, click on File> Save As..

You will get the following screen.  Make sure the format is “JPEG”.

Your next screen will look like this:

Make sure the quality is to the Maximum.

Upload your JPEG to a new Post on your Blog.

After you are done this, you need to do the following:

1) Give your artwork a title
2) Underneath the title, type “Thanks to the following artists:” and list the flickr links where you got your images from, if any.
2) Type a 4-5 sentence explanation of your work.  For instance, explain something important in your work.  Or, explain why you photoshopped something a certain way.  This could be longer than 4-5 sentences if necessary.
3) How has this artwork shaped or altered your personal thoughts or feelings?
4) Have you learned a particular skill in Photoshop or with Creative Commons media that you would be able to teach to someone else?
5) Did you find that making this artwork was satisfying?  Why or why not?
6) Was it easier to make the collage of yourself or the collage of someone else?  What were some issues that came up and how did you deal with them?  For instance, were you worried about what the other person would think about your work?

You will also need to criticize some of your classmates’ work.  Visit at least 2 blogs of your fellow classmates and critique one of their photos:
1) Do you feel like this artwork is successful?  Why or why not?
2) Does the artwork connect with you or some aspect of your life?  Why?
3) What might you change about this work and why?



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