Tim to get excited about Burton *SPOILER ALERT” kind of

For those of you going on the trip next Wednesday, it’s time to get excited.  If you want the whole trip to be a surprise, don’t read on.
I have read some reviews online and it is going to be a good show.

The development of Burton’s art is traced through 700 items from his personal vault, studio archives and private collections, the latter including an Edward Scissorhands suit lent by Johnny Depp.

Peter Howell, Toronto Star

The best part of the show is a room off the Main Gallery which goes back to Burton’s adolescence, exhuming dozens of drawings, photos, letters, films, etc. Burton began, after graduating CalArts, as an animator at Disney, and early in his career learned the hard lesson of having to compromise his twisted vision in order to get it out there. Here, however, is Burton in the raw: violent, hypersexual, crassly humourous, adoring of trash culture and thoroughly neurotic. Even in Burton’s best films, one gets only hints of these qualities. Without them, though, MoMA, and TIFF, could never have staged this exhibit as successfully as they have.

David Balzer, EYE Magazine

I highly recommend leafing through his website, it stars Stainboy, which is great because we will be watching Stainboy in action next Wednesday.

Screen shot taken from the Official Tim Burton Site

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