Activity #4 Male violence in Advertising Parody

Parody imitates a work of art, literature, or music for the purpose of making playful fun or a joke of the original work. A parody may take an ironic or cynical approach to the work it is imitating or may just be for comedic relief.  You will be making a 30 second to 1 minute parody of male violence in advertising.
Saturday Night Live television show has made numerous parodies of mainstream commercials.  Click below for the Global TV link to some parodies they have made over the years.  You are welcome to work in groups, of up to 3 people for this activity.

Saturday Night Live Parodies

Timeline and Checklist

  1. Brainstorm some ideas, checking out commercials online and parodies, ie. from SNL (1 day)
  2. Draw up a sketch or storyboard of your idea, this is worth a portion of your mark so take your time with it. (Done by today or tomorrow,
  3. Arrange your talent (actors) and get any props required for your parody.
  4. Shoot your film, remembering to have good available light and using a tripod.  Ideally, you will want to use our HD camera.  We will take turns signing it out. (3-5 days)
  5. Edit your film in iMovie. (5 days)
  6. Show your film to the class and have it critiqued.  Your group will have to complete a reflection about the movie too.
  7. Deadline for completion of your Parody is Thursday, April 14th, 2011.


Evaluation of Male Violence Parody


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