When does the media go too far?

On the drive to work today, Metro Morning on CBC was talking about a controversial cover page for NOW Magazine.  It is a free weekly newspaper that is also available online.  It mixes politics with art and entertainment news.

What is the controversy about?  Well, it is about the current mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford.  He easily won the fairly recent mayoral battle of Toronto.  He has numerous fans and probably an equal amount of enemies.  NOW magazine had a photo shoot with him and decided to Photoshop some of the images from that shoot.  You can see the cover here

The photos inside are even racier.

What are your thoughts on this type of Photoshopping that is attacking a prominent politician?  Is everything fair game?  Some common complaints about the photographs are that they poke fun at overweight people.  “DryDry” made a comment on the NOW website,

Yeah, if Ford was an overweight woman, would NOW show her in her underpants on the cover, naked with her hands over her bits on the inside?

wtf is NOW’s problem?

Can you not table your issues with Ford in an adult manner?


Any thoughts on these images?

2 thoughts on “When does the media go too far?

  1. His head has a different exposure and shininess than the rest of the body. The lighting on the head is coming from the side, and the lighting on the body is diffused and from above. There’s also a very obvious cut between the head and the body. I can’t believe that they let this poor photoshoping slide.

    1. batmanifesto

      lol I kind of agree with grahamehb, the photoshop is pretty obvious. Don’t know if they intended that or not.
      The content doesn’t really bug me, but I find that “controversial” things have kind of lost their effect on me in the past couple years. very little things phase me anymore, because it’s everywhere now.

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