A closer look at RIP! A Remix Manifesto.

So we just finished watching a documentary called RIP!  A Remix Manifesto.  Firstly, what kind of documentary is it?

This documentary can be classified as being an essay or expository style of documentary.

According to the Department of Canadian Heritage, an expository, or essay style of documentary is

a very common style, particularly on television. The approach in an essay-style film is investigative and academic. It is investigative because the film collects evidence, academic because it presents an argument or point of view on a subject. The
cinematic elements of an essay-style documentary can include interviews, a presenter in vision and/or voice-over narration with supporting images and visual sequences.


Answer the following questions in your own blog today.
Why do you think the filmmaker made this film?  What was his intention and point of view of this film?  Do you agree with their point of view?  Why or why not?

Due to the nature of the documentary, there was clearly a bias on the part of the filmmaker.  Is it okay to have bias?  How did the film portrary the other side of the arguement?  Were they successful in interviewing the other side? 

What did you think of the soundtrack of the film?  Did it enhance the arguement of the film?

Now that you have seen the film, what are your thoughts on copyright?  Should anything that is online be available for us to alter into something else?  Is it okay to download parts of a film and include them in your own film?  Is it better to go through an open source platform, like the creative commons to aquire images?  Would you be okay with someone taking your art work, altering it and pasting it on their own page to call their own?


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