Alter Egos and Ryan, a critical look

We are going to watch 2 films that are primarily about Ryan Larkin, a famed animator who is also an OSCAR nominee.  The first film is called ALTER EGOS.  It is a 52 minute documentary about the life of Ryan Larkin.  It is directed by Laurence Green.  The second film is a 14 minute animation called Ryan, which was directed by Chris Landreth.  Both films are available for viewing on the NFB site for free.

After watching each film, you will answer the following questions in a short reflection for BOTH films.  This should be done on your blog in a post.  You could have a separate post for each film.
1) What are your initial thoughts about this film?  Did you feel any kind of emotional reaction to it?
2) What physical points of view were used in making the film?  For instance, what type of camera angles stood out for you, such as worm’s eye or eye level?  What effect did they have on you?
3) What is this film about?
4) When and where was this film created?
5) Do you think that this film was successful?  What qualities made this film valuable?
6) If you were able to change something about the work, what would it be and why?

An example of a critique of the film Ryan, is available here.  It is by Rebecca Young.

Ryan (film)
Image via Wikipedia

Assessment of Critique


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