Rules of copyright are changing

So, we have talked a bit about fair use, and creative commons material.  The Canadian government is trying to change the current legislation to fit our use of the internet.

If passed, some of the new rules would be (taken from the CBC)

Incorporate legally acquired copyrighted content into their own user-generated work, as long as it’s not for commercial gain and does not negatively impact the markets for the original material or the artist’s reputation. An example would be the posting of your own mash-up of a Lady Gaga song and, say, a Beyoncé number on YouTube.

Use copyrighted content for the purposes of education, satire or parody. This expands what is known as the fair dealing provisions of the existing law — which until now covered only research, private study, criticism and news reporting.

For the entire article, click here.

What are your thoughts on these rules?  Are they too strict?  Are they not strict enough?



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