Working for the UGDSB


The UGDSB has approached me and asked if I have students that would be interested in making 2-3 introductory and instructional tutorials about Google Docs.  As you may or may not know, the board has started a pilot with Google so that all students will have their own school account.  This would give them access to Google sites, google docs and gmail.

The board login site is

You login with the same login you use to get on school computers and the password is the same.

The advantages of google docs:

1) Online at all times: The greatest advantage is that you can access Google docs from any device, computer, iPad, smart phone.

2.) Less Spacial: All the data remains online till you work with Google Docs & Spreadsheets you only have to use your Internet connection and web browser.

3.) You won’t lose your work: With the reliability Google Provides you be rest assured that your data will be available to you most of times of need. So work without the skepticism of data loss.

4.) Share Your Work: There is no need to email your work to yourself or friends. Save your time by sharing your work with other users with a simple invite.

5.) Its Free: Google lets us use their service for free!

An example of a Google tutorial is as follows:

So, what do we have to do?

1) Get in groups of 1-3 people and brainstorm how to approach the tutorial.
2) Sketch out a storyboard and think of what type of images or video clips you will use to get the message across.
3) Show your teacher your plan and begin shooting.  You will have about 2 weeks to work on the project.
4) Edit your film in iMovie or Final cut.  You will need a voice over too.
5) We will show your work to some people at the board and they will decide which one gets used.  Your tutorials will be shown to board executives and all students across the board!  Of course, to everyone online too.


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