CWDHS Grad Matthew Ninaber to show film Last Run on February 12th in Waterloo

The other day I was talking to Mr. King about past media arts students.  Sadly, I couldn’t think of any that had dedicated themselves to media arts.  However, there is one that we just found out about, and his name is Matthew Ninaber.  I have shown his old music video for a song by Evanescence many times, even though I have never taught him.  He took media arts when it was taught by the CWDHS media founder, Kelly Janzen.  It was a fantastic video, with great acting and stellar camera angles.  The story was really well done too.  Matthew now runs a production studio out of Conestogo, High Rise Studio.  His first major film is debuting on February 12th in Waterloo, and it is called “Last Run”.

I have already purchased my tickets for the 5:30 p.m. showing.  I think it is pretty exciting that a student who did many of the same things you are doing now in media, is actually making a career out of it.  For more information, visit the official website for the film.


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