30s film

Learning goal

Storyboard, shoot and edit a 30s film, that has the following camera techniques and angles

Each person in the class needs to shot a film. The following shots need to be included.
1) Jump Cut

2) Pan
3) POV
4) Worms Eye View
5) Pull or Rack Focus

6) Extreme close up
7) Low angle or High angle
8) Jib Shot or other creative Tripod Shot

9) Slider shot

Success Criteria

The theme of the film is “Out of time”.
Or, you could use the theme, “Technology Problems” or “Dating issues”.

One paragraph, typed in your creativity book with an outline describing the film and includes:
– where in school it will be shot
– any props needed
– a script if any at all (not necessary)
Complete storyboard, with at least 9 boards filled out.
Film has at least 9 points of view (some may be repeated)
Story is simple to understand and relates well to the theme.
Shots are well focused
Camera is steady unless shaky intentionally
Royalty free music or music from Garageband.
[Moby Gratis]
[Freeplay Music]
[Creative Commons Music]

Robyn T. and Juliana V.

Morgan D.

Mac E.

Will, Nick and Tim

Assessment Rubric

[Link to Google Doc Rubric]

Peer Evaluation
[Link to Peer Evaluation]


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