45s Promo Ad. for Wellington-Waterloo Community Futures

Make a 30s animation or 45s video to promote the “Youth Skills Training Program”.

Success Criteria:
1)Target audience is grade 10-12 students

2) Include the focus on the Training Program Goals

  • Bridge the gap between employees and employers
  • Facilitate fun workshops
  • Coordinate co-ops
  • Help youth to secure and maintain jobs
  • Help employers gather superior employees

3) Some or all of the following workshop ideas and concepts could be included.
Total of 10 weeks: One 2-hour session (with refreshments!) a week.
Training will include:
Workshop 1: Customer Service
Workshop 2: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Workshop 3: Life-saving Math Skills
Workshop 4: Communication
Workshop 5: Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills
Workshop 6: Organizational Skills
Workshop 7: You’ve Got a Job, Now What?
2-week co-op: Total of 10 hours to shadow in a workplace
Workshop 8: Certificate Ceremony and Keynote Speaker

4) Include comments that previous attendees have said about the program.


5) Include these backers in the ad.




Steps to Success:

1) Brainstorm an idea for your animation or video.
2) Come up with a storyboard and/or a script of the advertisement
3) Get approval from teacher and the client, Jenna Morris
4) Start filming or animating your project.

Jenna will be back on November 30th to go over your idea’s storyboard and/or script.
Jenna will return on December 7th to see any actual footage or edited work.
Jenna will return possibly a few days later to see everyone’s final projects.


[Link to Rubric]