Culminating Activity – Your project


Create a final culminating film or other media works that is between 1 minute (animation) and 2-3 minutes (Films).

Steps to Success


  1. Make groups – You can make groups from 1 to 3 people.  There will be no groups of 4.
    Not all group members will be evaluated equally.  There will have to be a self evaluation of yourself and other group members
  2. Treatment – You outline the project and what the final product will look like. Share your ideas with me before getting approval.
  3. Production Schedule and Daily Journal- Set up a calendar that includes a minimum of two conferences with the teacher and two interim deadlines. Do this in the same Google doc as your treatment. Complete the daily journal with a few sentences for each day of work.
  4. Evaluation Rubric    There will marks to the process as well as the final product. Knowledge, Communication, Application, Thinking.  
  5. Written work    This can include storyboard, rough animation sketches, challenges & changes, music plans  or online journal entries for your work.


  1. Shooting film, photography or working on animations in Flash or Blender.
  2. If doing a film, it should be between 2 minutes and 4 minutes long.

Post – Production

  1. Editing film or editing animation in iMovie or Flash.
  2. Getting feedback from other peers and teacher to edit film again.
  3. Adding all credits to film or animation
  4. Mixing music with Garageband with Creative Commons audio, royalty free music.


Safety Video






Live Action Film

Examples of projects done in the past:

Evaluation of Peer Work

You are done your culminating activity, hooray!  Now it is time to evaluate each others’ work.

[Link to culminating critique]

You will also need to do a self evaluation where you will also critique your group members.

[Link to self evaluation and group evaluation]

Evaluation Rubric

[Link to Rubric]


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