Cut out Animation

Your Goal

Create a cut out animation that is 25- 30s long. It will be at 24fps.

You will be using paper, could be something you draw, print, cut and move, anything with paper to make the animation.  You may either work alone or in a group of 2 or 3.

Things you will need.

Go on YouTube and look up “Cut out” animation examples.  There are a bunch there.  This could help you come up with an idea.
Type out a  short paragraph outlining what your animation is going to be about.  You should use the Google Docs to do this.  Sketch out a storyboard.
Cut out images from magazines, or have images printed that will be manipulated.
When you are ready to photograph, you will use DragonFrame software. It will be 24FPS. You will shoot with DSLR cameras, connected via USB.

With DragonFrame, you can see your film occurring in real time, and make manual changes to camera settings.

Post Production
Edit the film in either iMovie.  Be sure to add a title and credits.  Add music through Garageband.

Things to think about.
1) Have a background that does not move.
To make the film flow, you will need to make sure the background is stationary.  There is lots of sticky mounting putty to use, be sure it is included in your plans.

2) Make it simple.  It is going to be a short animation, so make the concept, or story line very easy to understand.

3) Lighting.  The lighting should be consistent during the shooting of your film.  Try to use the external lights in the green room.

4) Tripod.  You will need a tripod for the camera you are using.

5) 1 shot.  Try to finish each scene in 1 class period, or you will have to take a camera home to be sure the look is consistent.

Terry Gilliam has some great videos on YouTube that show some of his genius animations.  He is of Monty Python fame.  He has also directed some pretty important films, such as 12 monkeys and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  One of his latest films was The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.  This was Heath Ledger’s final film as he died halfway through production.

Student Examples

[Link to Peer Evaluation of Cut out animations]



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