Male Violence in Advertising

When watching and viewing videos today, you are going to make comments through “Today’s Meet”.
It is a way to discuss in real time an issue or issues in the class, digitally.
[Link to ASM 4M1 Today’s Meet]

To get you thinking about the next assignment, watch this thought provoking trailer for “The Mask you Live in”

What are your thoughts about this trailer?
How did the images or thoughts make you feel?
What do you think of the phrase “Be a Man”.
What are some problems with this?

1) Attitude –

  1. A certain attitude is promoted in ads geared toward young men.

2) Cave man mentality – pirates, cowboys, ancient heroes, are aggressive men.
3) Muscles and the Ideal Man -These ads portray a strong, muscular body with the image of ideal manhood.
4) The New Warriors – These ads use sports figures to make consumers associate danger, violence and excitement with the products that are being advertised.

5) Heroic Masculinity – Is Hollywood’s glamorization of male violence. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson and Sylvester Stallone are traditional examples of the actors who portray the violent male as an heroic ideal. Much attention has been given recently to a new brand of action hero embodied by actors such as Nicholas Cage or Tom Cruise. These modern heroes are supposed to be smarter and more sensitive than their predecessors, but they still get their share of mayhem!

Activity #2
Go online and look at different advertisements that feature males.  Select 1 print ad and 1 video ad and explain what types of negative themes could arise because of them. Is it cave man mentality and why? What are other themes that are reinforced in this type of advertisement?

Activity #3

Not all advertisements encourage male violence. Look for an advertisement(print and video) that promotes a more positive or realistic image of masculinity.  Make sure you post it on the same google doc and provide a detailed typed explanation as to why you selected that image. Why is this type of advertisement better to combat male violence?

Timeline:  I’ll give you the period and maybe more to complete this.  If you are done early, you can start brainstorming a video parody of male violence in advertising.

All the content was reworded from here

Activity #4

Parody imitates a work of art, literature, or music for the purpose of making playful fun or a joke of the original work. A parody may take an ironic or cynical approach to the work it is imitating or may just be for comedic relief.  You will be making a 30 second to 1 minute parody of male violence in advertising.
Saturday Night Live television show has made numerous parodies of mainstream commercials.  Click below for the Global TV link to some parodies they have made over the years.  You are welcome to work in groups, of up to 3 people for this activity.

Saturday Night Live Parodies

Student Examples

Timeline and Checklist

  1. Brainstorm some ideas, checking out commercials online and parodies, ie. from SNL (1 day)
  2. Draw up a sketch or storyboard of your idea, this is worth a portion of your mark so take your time with it. (1 day)
  3. Arrange your talent (actors) and get any props required for your parody.
  4. Shoot your film, remembering to have good available light and using a tripod. (3 days)
  5. Edit your film in iMovie. (3 days)
  6. Show your film to the class and have it critiqued.  Your group will have to complete a reflection about the movie too.
  7. Deadline for completion of your Parody is Friday, March 28th.


Evaluation of Male Violence Parody

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