Mashup Assignment 2


Create a 1 minute Mashup Video. You will take cultural artifacts, video, photos and film from the public domain and mix them into 1 spectacular new film.

Success Criteria

Creatively cut, splice and stich many video and audio clips together to make a cohesive 1 minute film.
Create a story that makes some sense.
Use iMovie effectively to create smooth transitions with clear audio and video.
Give credit to clips that you used in a google doc or if uploaded to YouTube, in the YouTube comments.



A Girl Talk style “music collage” that combines pieces of several songs to create a new song.

10 best mashups of all time
[Link to Girl Talk Page]
Fall of SuperHumans
The Shining
Mary Poppins
Chaplain Greatest Speech Ever

Call me Maybe (Obama)



To Download YouTube videos, use a clip converter.
[link to one clip converter]


[Link to Rubric]


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