Mining – This could get interesting

Learning Goal

Create a 30s to 2 minute animation or video related to the Ontario Mining Industry.

Well, I thought I had picked out a great contest to enter.
But what about Mining?

This one has a lot of interesting possibilities. The Mining Industry seems to have a lot of funding and they would like people to enter this contest.

Students in this class are more than capable of winning one of these contests. I think this contest also offers a variety of types of films and areas for humour.

For your piece you will need to.
1) Brainstorm and plan an idea that will closely relate to one of the contests for the Mining Competition.
2) Storyboard, write out a script, sketch animation, or think of lyrics for your audio work.
3) Produce your project, using iMovie, or other video software, or animation software.


For more information, check out the link.
[Link to Ontario Mining Competition Past Winners]

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 8.47.26 AM


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