Canon Rebel t3i


So we have new cameras.  This is good.  BUT, we need to make sure they last.

Basic Camera Care

Don’t drop the camera
It is not waterproof
Do not leave near magnets or out in sun
DO NOT, take the lens off.
When placing an SD card in camera, make sure you put it in the proper way.
DO NOT put your fingers on the lens.  Keep the cap on the lens.

LCD Monitor

You can flip out the LCD monitor, rotate it and face it toward you.
Be careful not to force and break the hinge when rotating the LCD monitor.

Holding the camera

Always, always, put the strap around your neck, unless you are using a tripod.
Shoot horizontally and vertically for photographs.  Get creative and try other angles as well.
Shoot horizontally for video.

Shutter Button

Pressing halfway will activate the automatic exposure system that sets the shutter speed and aperture.


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