Photoshop Assignment #2 – Collage of you/other

Learning Goal for this Assigment

Create a collage of yourself.  A collage of who you are in the real world or the digital world, or both.  You will only use your own images or creative commons images.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, a collage is:

artistic technique of applying manufactured, printed, or “found” materials, such as bits of newspaper, fabric, wallpaper, etc., to a panel or canvas, frequently in combination with           painting.

By digital world, if you have an Avatar that defines you, or have some type of alternate personality online.  You will contrast yourself with little items representing the other side of your life you don’t broadcast to the world – emotions, realities, challenges and hopes. The goal here is to examine the relationship between the different “selves” you present for different contexts – personal self, school self, family self, relationship self, work self, gaming/avatar self, social media self, etc. What are the contrasts, contradictions or correspondences?

Think about the following questions:

What defines the real you?
What is the truth of your life?
How does your digital self differ from your non-digital self, are they the same?
How are you going to make yourself using different media?

I got the idea for this project from “Editor“.

Open up Photoshop Elements.  Click File>New
Create a file that is 1400px by 1400px with a resolution of 300DPI.
You may use pictures that you take or from one other place, the Flickr creative commons area.

When you take pictures from another artist, you need to reference them.  When you upload your photoshop work to your blog/website, make sure you mention where you got the other art work as links below your image.

One artist photoshopped the work and came up with this

Notice that they referenced with links where they got the other work.  You will have to do that too.

Success Criteria
– should include some kind of selection use, manual or auto
– layers
– are photographs creative commons images or your own
– explain the digital or non-digital you
– have referenced other artists if photos are not yours
– file is the right size, with the correct resolution
– file is on your blog/website.
– include a picture of YOU

More than anything, make it awesome!

Here are some example collages of people from last year’s media arts class.

[Link to Rubric]

Evaluation of fellow student work on collage
[Link to Google Evaluation Form]


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