Photography and InDesign #1 Colour and Shapes

Learning Goal

Getting comfortable drawing and getting organized with InDesign

InDesign CS 5 is software that is used in Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing.

You will start playing around with inDesign and try to recreate six simple graphics.
First, find InDesign on your computer.
Open it up and follow the tutorial on inDesign CS5 that I made and make a house such as this one below.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 11.32.05 PM

When you are done with the Tutorial, have a look at the image below.

You need to recreate this in InDesign, using tools such as the rectangle tool, ellipse tool and polygon tool. You may have to add some effects as well. You don’t have to make the six objects using the same colour.

Now try making this guy below.

Learning Goal
Get comfortable with the Canon Rebel T3i SLR Camera.  Take some basic photographs and edit together using InDesign.

You need to complete both of these.
1) Colour

red things
Photo by Darren M.

Shoot images that make use of a single colour, such as red, blue, orange, or any other colour
– you should have at least 6 that are the same

Keep in mind that colours also symbolize different things as well. (Taken from Lee Frost)

Dominant, blood, danger, passion and urgency
Warning, loud, stands out.

calming, serene, authoritative, truth, fresh, sky, sea
Loneliness, depression, loss and sadness

life, health, fresh, nature, pure

sun, gold, corn and lemons
joy, happiness, richness

– stitch them together using Adobe InDesign

2) Shapes

Shapes Final
Photo by Jess H.

Photo by Rachie R.

Photos and Design by Max W.

Everything has a shape, natural or man-made. Photography can capture those shapes to make something that is beautiful to look at. Take a walk around and find interesting shapes, such as circles, rectangles, triangles and other more complicated ones. Pay attention to the light and colours of shapes so that they stand out.

Take photographs of shapes and have at least 6 that you are happy with.

Links to examples of colour and shape photographs
1) Shape, line, textures
2) Daily post photo contest
3) Shapes and pattern

I try to keep the following in mind when taking pictures.

1) Keep the camera as still as possible when taking a picture.  Use a tripod when available.
2) Don’t use flash.
3) Try different camera angles.
4) Follow the rule of thirds.
5) Get in close.
6) Don’t zoom, just move around.
7)  If using an SLR, shoot in “Aperture mode” or “Manual mode”.

Your assignment
Your assignment for today is to go out and take pictures.  However, you are going to focus on colour and shapes. Go out and find a colour that stands out for you.  You will need at least 6 great photos that involve the colour you selected. Or, go out and collect shape photographs. Or maybe get both, that way you can choose which one you like best. Photographs need to be taken during this period, not at home. Don’t use old photographs either.

When you are done taking the pictures, you can upload them to your computer. The new machines have card readers behind them but the older white ones will need a card reader.

We will work out specific editing techniques to fix up your photographs.

Afterwards, you will place them into InDesign.


Your Checklist for your photographs (before editing)
1) Are the photos in focus
2) Are a variety of camera angles used
3) Do the photos match the colour or do they have actual defined shapes
4) Are all six completed

Template for Montage


Rubric for Photography Assignment

[Link to Rubric]

You may export your montage as a .pdf and place it on your blog.


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